On 19th Jan 2013, there was ROSA i.e. (Rayat Old Student Association) meet at Rayat international School Railmajra (SBS Nagar). A lot of ex- students participated and had interaction with the Chairman S. Gurvinder Singh Bahra, Prof. K.K Uppal, JMD Rayat-Bahra, Prof. S.C Bedi, Campus Director, Mrs. Bindu Sharma, Principal and Staff of the school along with students of IX and X class.

Great excitement was seen on the scene and the faces of the ex-students as they remembered their past days and shared a few exciting moments from their sweet memories. They also shared their life experiences and present status after leaving the school and declared to be proved to be an eternal part of Rayat family. The Chairman boosted them with his inspiring speech. He expressed and exclaimed that he yearned to have a lovely glimpse of the alumni who had covered a long way and gained a land lark in their respective field, sphere and society. He along with others recalled his own golden days at school/college which William Words worth has put forth as –
“Bliss it is to be alive in this dawn,
but to be young is the very heaven”


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