Place for Study

Generally, you should be able to study anywhere, in crowded bus, in library, in garden or in canteen. But some places are better than others for study. You should study in a place where you can study well and with full concentration. There are few things which you have to consider for choosing place for study.

Always study in a same place – your study room.

Select a place for your study; it may be your room in home or dormitory. Always study in that very place. Always study in that room. Using same place for daily study makes you habitual of study in that place. By studying in same place, you accept mentally that it is the place of your study. so whenever you go to that place (your study room etc), you will be automatically tempted to study. In same place you study with more concentration than changing your place daily because in new place you will come across things which steal away your concentration.

Use study-chair and table for your study.

Sitting on a chair for study, having book in front of you on your table is best way for study. Studying on chair helps you focus more on your books. You sit alert and active.

How should be your study room?

Make sure that your study place is well-lit, properly ventilated, peaceful and neither too hot nor too cold. You should have all your study books and pens on table in your room so that you may not go frequently to fetch books. There should be a clock on the wall which shows you the time.

Study in a place with no or less distractions.

Your study place should be free from such things which may absorb your attention, i.e television, music, changing color bulbs, maps etc.Similarly, study in quiet place free from sound distractions.
Don’t be comfort loving while study.

Never study in a bed or on comfortable sofa. If you lie on a bed and study, sleep is likely to ensue.
Courtesy School of Educators

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