Faith, Fears & Attitude

It’s a matter of choice, not circumstances, how we deal with a particular situation. Our attitude can influence our faith. It’s up to us to influence our decisions today, to make a future we’re dreaming about. Our attitude can change everything. You don’t necessarily have to be the best, but we can make our thinking run in a positive way, to make negative thoughts disappear. You can face anything in this world, if you have a will, strong enough to make you go ahead. We all live in a vicious cycle, but what matters the most is to be able to manage daily something that will add perspectives to our future. You can now take your personal road possible for your dream achieving, or if you are not ready yet to make this step, you have to go through some points, that I will count in a few steps:


People always needed motivation to face the reality, motivation to move ahead, motivation to overcome challenges, motivation necessary to bring you to success. Motivation makes us handle all the fears , lift your head up and move to your goals. Motivation was always needed when people had a difficult situation in their life, and the influence of the third person was to make him deal with his fears, to find the strength in you, to reach your limits. Motivation makes people be determined, makes them make decisions. But, still – you don’t have to get stocked in the trap of motivation. Sometimes you have to forget about it, and just do it, because some people might use it as an excuse, not to go on. Some people think, I don’t have enough motivation to work. That is an excuse that keeps you where you are. When you start doing the thing, that’s when the motivation comes.


Trust has always been a skill that people needed to move forward. You need to be 100% sure, or want it so much, to find the trust in you. Some people think their environment does not fit their attitude and goal construction.  They always question themselves – what if? For this you need trust — The trust that you will be able to overcome all the challenges, the trust that you will learn and improve yourself, the trust that you can do it. Then you can look at your life from different views. Who is going to be next to you on the trip to success? — Of course, your family. Family can always be the trust that you need, and the motivation to show yourself that this process of achieving is not long-term.


Concentrate yourself on the things you have to do, rather than alarming situations. That is why I keep telling you about the priority list you have to make, to get rid of urgency. After you will get clear with your alarming situations, you can think and focus your attention and attitude on your goal reaching. Remember, that success is a journey, not a destination – All you need is a dream and a date, and focusing on these things make life easier for you. You must build trust and focus on it, with the help of your competence, and character. You will need to prove yourself that you can be an example for your family, first… and then for the others. You have to take things seriously, and if you really decided you are ready enough to move ahead, focus yourself and your attitude to do it!


Attitude Is everything. This is one of the main principles for personal grow, and achievement. You have to have the right attitude to lead yourself well, to self-manage your emotions, your priorities, you positive thinking, your time, and your personal grow, by living this experience. Yu have to know how to treat yourself, to achieve the maximum potential. The attitude to stay away from different circumstances and challenges is the best way what to start with. People who had disabilities, have had the right attitude and this brought them to success. People had no arms and legs, but they found their talents, and with the right attitude they did it. What excuse do you have to stop in front of the challenges, and complicate yourself, when things are in fact, so simple.


To have results, you need to follow all those 4 steps written above, but adding to them daily impact. Let’s say – how would it be like, if you wake up in the morning, and first what you see is your dream book. Give yourself this question? – What do I have to focus on today, to make it come true? What are you going to be tomorrow, you are becoming today. Things that you do day by day, make your future. The decisions you take today, will influence they day you live tomorrow. What you live today, is the result of the decision taken in the past. Doing the right thing daily, will influence on your future, and, depending on your dream size, in 5 to ten years, you will become what you always wanted to. The power Is in your hands, nobody has the right to take the decision instead of you. You can take your life in your hands, and decide for once, that you deserve to live the way you want to live.

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