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Under the ISA project “Cultural Mosaic” an activity named “Gourmets Delight” was organised by the school in which the parents and students participated with great enthusiasm. It was an inter-house competition in which they prepared Indian as well as Vietnamese cuisines. They presented various dishes and show-cased, dresses of both the countries. Gaurav house was adjudged the winner of the competition. At last Ms. Subha Rathore congratulated and appreciated the whole-hearted participation of the parents. She thanked the parents for the co-operation and making the event a grand success.


Two day skypeathon has been  organized by Microsoft where Rayat International School on 28th Nov 2017 also participated in this global collaboration, to help students to be authentic learners. On the very first day i.e. 28th Nov 2017  Rayat International School visited Egypt,UAE,Hungary,Vietnam,Russian,Qatar,Pakistan and Philipins in Skype session. It was a cultural exchange programme where students of  Rayat International School exhibited rich heritage culture of India like its folk music, dances, dresses and cuisines. It was an interactive session comprising of various facts . The students had gamification, mine-craft and mystery skype. It was an exotic learning for the students.





To make learning more effective with the new strategies and tools, students of RIS under the ISA project “Cultural Mosaic” prepare power point presentation on the culture of Vietnam and India. They brainstormed and collected the information about the cultures of both the countries from library, wikipedia, discussion, internet and personal experience. Followed by preparing power point presentation in which they had showed the different festivals, dresses and religions of both the counties. They had learnt about the similarities and differences of both the counties. Students further expanded the knowledge by showing their power point presentation to fellow Rayatians leading to peer education.


“The Moment of Victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else”.
Rayat International school organised a two-days Annual Athletic Meet 2017-2018 on 24th and 25th nov 2017 with pomp and splendor. Students from nursery to XII participated with a great spirit of sportsmanship. There were many breathtaking events like 100m,200m,400m,600m,800m,sack race,3 leg race, 4*100 relay race and 1500m race.All the participants participated enthusiastically with full zeal and Zest. They learnt the values of sportsmanship and team-spirit and spectators cheered their respective houses greatly. The environment was filled with exciting victories and near misses for all the houses. Master siddharth from X D ( shakti house) and Miss jashanpreet kaur from XI C (shakti house) were adjudged as best athletes of the day. The Trophy for the best house was bagged by “Shakti House”. At the end Mrs. Subha Rathor congratulated the winners and appreciated the efforts of all the participants.

PANORAMA- A Programme under International School Award in Rayat International School

A cultural exchange programme named ‘PANORAMA’ was organized at RIS on 22nd November 2017.Under this programme, students exhibited the various rituals, customs, dances, dresses and festivals of Vietnam and India. The students of different houses depicted the importance of the four major festivals i.e. Diwali, Holi, Baisakhi and EID of India. The students also performed the Soul, Mid-Autumn, Perfume-Pagoda festival and Birthday of Mahatma Buddha of Vietnam.They were fabulously dressed up and filled with the essence of festivity. The’Soul festival’ is celebrated to pay a tribute to the departed souls which were beautifully shown by the students.’Mid-Autumn’ festival is related to pray ‘moon’ as God.The students presented an exotic ‘Lion Dance’ in which they acted as Lions.They also made delicious dishes like ‘Moon Cake’ and ‘Sticky Rice ‘ to explore the whole festival’s procedure. The festival ‘Perfume Pagoda’ was also exhibited in a marvelous way.


A Fancy Dress Competition for classes I to III was also organized under this project in which students were in Vietnamese and Indian attires. They also shared their customs, ethics, values and cuisines with each other. The students were acquainted with the Vietnam’s Culture. Through this unique effort of RIS the students got an opportunity to show their inherent talents. At the end, Principal Mrs.Subha Rathore appreciated the efforts of students and teachers . She also highlighted that collaboration and globalization is the need of the hour.


Annual Athletics Meet- 2017- 18 Date.25th Nov 17


our school is going to organize the “Annual Athletics Meet” on 25th Nov 2017. Trials for events will be held on  22nd Nov 2017. The events are as follows:

S. No Class Event Boys/ Girls
1 Nursery 50mt Race Boys/Girls
    50mt Crawling Race ,,
    Frog Race ,,
2 K.G 60mt Race Boys/Girls
    Ring Race ,,
    Jump Race ,,
3 1st 80mt Race Boys/ Girls
    Frog Race ‘’
    5omt spoon & lemon Race ‘’
    Ring Race ‘’
4 2nd 50mt Back Race Boys/ Girls
    100mt Race ‘’
    50mt Get Ready to School ‘’
    60mt Crawling Race ‘’
5 3rd 100mt Race Boys/ Girls
    Skipping Race ‘’
    80mt Walk on the Line ‘’
    Thread and Needle Race ‘’
6 4th 100mt Race Boys/ Girls
    Three legged Race ‘’
    One leg Race ‘’
    100mt Sprint & 50mt Reverse ‘’
7 5th 100mt Race Boys/ Girls
    200mt Race ‘’
    Sack Race ‘’
    Skipping Race ‘’
8 6th 100mt Race Boys/ Girls
    200mt Race ‘’
    400mt race ‘’
    Three legged Race ‘’
    100mt Back Race              ‘’


9 7th  & 8th 100mt Race Boys/ Girls
    200mt Race ‘’
    400mt Race ‘’
    600mt Race ‘’
    Sack Race ‘’
    Three Legged Race ‘’
10 9th 100mt Race Boys/ Girls
    200mt Race ‘’
    400mt Race ‘’
    One Leg Race ‘’
    800mt Race ‘’
11 10th,11th & 12th 100mt Race Boys/ Girls
    200mt Race ‘’
    400mt Race ‘’
    800mt Race ‘’
    1500mt Race ‘’
    4X100mt Relay Race ‘’
    Long Jump ‘’
    Shot Put Only boys