PANORAMA- A Programme under International School Award in Rayat International School

A cultural exchange programme named ‘PANORAMA’ was organized at RIS on 22nd November 2017.Under this programme, students exhibited the various rituals, customs, dances, dresses and festivals of Vietnam and India. The students of different houses depicted the importance of the four major festivals i.e. Diwali, Holi, Baisakhi and EID of India. The students also performed the Soul, Mid-Autumn, Perfume-Pagoda festival and Birthday of Mahatma Buddha of Vietnam.They were fabulously dressed up and filled with the essence of festivity. The’Soul festival’ is celebrated to pay a tribute to the departed souls which were beautifully shown by the students.’Mid-Autumn’ festival is related to pray ‘moon’ as God.The students presented an exotic ‘Lion Dance’ in which they acted as Lions.They also made delicious dishes like ‘Moon Cake’ and ‘Sticky Rice ‘ to explore the whole festival’s procedure. The festival ‘Perfume Pagoda’ was also exhibited in a marvelous way.


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