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“Mathematics may not teach us how to add love or minus hate. But it gives us every reason to hope that every problem has a solution”.

Rayat International School believes in providing both theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. Keeping the same in mind Sudoku competition was organized for class VIII students. Sudoku is the most popular puzzle game based on the logical placement of numbers. The goal of Sudoku is to fill a 9*9 grid with numbers so that each row, column and 3*3 sections contains all the digits between 1 to 9. Teachers provided students a partially completed grid and students completed it correctly within the given time. Ayush Sharma (VIII -D) and Harmanpreet Singh (VIII-A) bagged the first and second position respectively. It was a very enriching experience for the students which developed their logical thinking skills and enhanced their concentration.


RIS Held Farewell party, ‘Adieu’

Rayat International school students held a rocking farewell party for outgoing students of Class XII on date Jan 26, 2018. In which the host (XI) and the guest (XII) along with the faculty of RIS participated with great enthusiasm. They all were welcomed with tilak ceremony. The event started with lighting of the lamp. The programme included many cultural performances like group dance, solo song, bhangra and gidha. The most attractive performance was Ramp walk performed by XII students. Then they participated in fun games and various rounds for the selection of the RIS icon, where in master Mohit of class XII -A and Esha Jain of XII -C were adjudged Mr. and Miss RIS .Then there was cake cutting ceremony. There after ,Master Harman, Head boy of RIS, gave a thanks giving speech sharing his memories and made everybody nostalgic. Mrs .Subha Rathore principal blessed the students and wished them good luck for their future endeavours. Students and faculty danced on the music of DJ and had a great time.

Republic Day Celebrations at RIS

Republic Day is a remarkable day in the history of India as it is the day when finally the constitution of India came into effect on January 26,1950. The 69thRepublic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at Rayat International School on 26th January 2018.The students saluted the National Flag and pledged themselves to upholding the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness of India. Students took part in a spectacular Parade with all four houses marching with then heads high. A special assembly was organised where the students presented awesome cultural programme which comprised of beautiful folk dances of various states including Punjab. The melodies music and graceful movements of dancers well spellbinding. Speeches were given in the honour of day when the country’s transformation towards becoming independent had begun. They were reminded that it is a moment of pride that our country has made a mark on the global map in almost all the streams.
Later, Respected Principal Ms Subha Rathore addressed the students and urged them to do their best and feel proud to be an Indian. She further added that ours is the country of colours and faith. Let this Republic Day remind us of all the work done by our leaders for our safe and happy lives.
Sweets were distributed among the students. At the end after paying tribute to our beloved country the students dispersed with the image of the fluttering tricolor in their mind.






“Working in a group for a project

Leads to a greater learning gains”.

Students of class IX were asked to work on, “Online Research and File Making” under ISA. Project, “Medley of Numbers”. In this project students collected their ideas about Indian Chinese games based on Mathematical theories, concept and principles. Students were provided opportunities to take control of activity and evaluate their own learning through this research. They selected Indian and Chinese games for this study and project.

The Indian games they chosen were: – LUDO, MARRIAGE, SANAKES AND LADDER, DAYAKATTI, INDIAN POKER etc. The Chinese games chosen were:- SUDOKU, PRIMO,TANGRAM,GO, RUMMY etc. In this activity they learnt the strategies for practicing and applying them in mathematical concepts. This added fun and motivated the students to engage themselves willingly with their educational project. The way in which students have shown their activeness and enthusiasm while participating in this activity, proved that games in learning Mathematics is considered a best practice and it makes Mathematics more interesting and meaningful. Mrs. Subha Rathore Principal of RIS appreciated the good work of the students and teachers.




Medley Of Numbers

Activity:- “Role play of Chinese and Indian Mathematicians.
“Learning by doing is the best way for grasping abstract content”.
Rayat International School believes in creating realistic situation to provide practical knowledge of mathematics to the students so that they can explore various applications of its theories or ideas to practice education and its policy in their real life. To make this concept clear a role play activity was organized under ISA project “Medley Of Numbers” to experience the taste of learning about Indian and Chinese Mathematicians in a meaningful and purposeful way.
Students played the roles of different mathematicians associated with India and China. Anmolpreet Singh of class VII B played role of “Lui Hui”, Utkarsh Behal of class VI C performed as “Yang Hui” the famous mathematician of China. The role of Indian Mathematician Srinivas Ramanjan was played by Manas of class VII A. The human calculator Shankutla Devi was introduce to students by Naina Chaudary of class VI A. In this way students not only played the roles of renowned mathematician but also gave knowledge and shared information about their invention, achievement and contribution to the field of mathematics. All the students enjoyed and gained knowledge from the activity.At the end winners were announced. Anmolpreet Singh of class VII B bagged 1st Position. Madhav Sharma who performed as Aryabhatta came 2nd and third position was bagged by Utkarsh Behal of class VI C. Mrs. Subha Rathore , Principal of RIS congratulated the winners and appreciated hard work and performance of students. She also congratulated and motivated them to take interest in mathematics as their favourite subject.