Medley Of Numbers

Activity:- “Role play of Chinese and Indian Mathematicians.
“Learning by doing is the best way for grasping abstract content”.
Rayat International School believes in creating realistic situation to provide practical knowledge of mathematics to the students so that they can explore various applications of its theories or ideas to practice education and its policy in their real life. To make this concept clear a role play activity was organized under ISA project “Medley Of Numbers” to experience the taste of learning about Indian and Chinese Mathematicians in a meaningful and purposeful way.
Students played the roles of different mathematicians associated with India and China. Anmolpreet Singh of class VII B played role of “Lui Hui”, Utkarsh Behal of class VI C performed as “Yang Hui” the famous mathematician of China. The role of Indian Mathematician Srinivas Ramanjan was played by Manas of class VII A. The human calculator Shankutla Devi was introduce to students by Naina Chaudary of class VI A. In this way students not only played the roles of renowned mathematician but also gave knowledge and shared information about their invention, achievement and contribution to the field of mathematics. All the students enjoyed and gained knowledge from the activity.At the end winners were announced. Anmolpreet Singh of class VII B bagged 1st Position. Madhav Sharma who performed as Aryabhatta came 2nd and third position was bagged by Utkarsh Behal of class VI C. Mrs. Subha Rathore , Principal of RIS congratulated the winners and appreciated hard work and performance of students. She also congratulated and motivated them to take interest in mathematics as their favourite subject.

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