Lions Club Chandigarh Greater had conducted a workshop on “Enhancing Teaching and Learning Process” on Dec 23, 24& 25 2017 at RIS.
Continuing the same, the workshop on “Enhancing Teaching and Learning Process had conducted from 21st March to 23rd March, 2018 .Mrs.Manisha Ghanti, an eminent educationist and trainer from Kolkata was the Resource Person in the seminar held during this workshop. She talked about the skills required to tackle the students in their adolescence period.
Around 30 teachers had participated in this workshop. The workshop had been organized to find possible steps to identify problems faced by adolescents to prevent mishaps and ensure safety for young learners and improve the perception of schools as a safe place for knowledge. It had also emphasized that how a child should be tackled and taught in a loving , healthy and safe environment.
This Workshop will bring a positive transformation in teachers and students which will ultimately transform the teaching learning process at RIS.
After completion of this workshop, Rayat International School has been affiliated to LION’S QUEST in INDIA FOUNDATION FOR LIFE SKILLS PROGRAM.


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