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Guest Lecture by Dr. Namrata Baweja

As ‘Slient killer Chronic diseases’ project is going on under ISA, RIS invited Dr. Namrata Baweja as a guest to enlighten the students about chronic diseases of India. She delivered her best to make the students aware of the most frequent found diseases in India as well as in U.K. She emphasized the need of healthy life style and informed the students about various vaccinations available in India to live a healthy life.


Under ISA Project, ‘Silent Killer-Chronic Diseases’ in India And U.K, students of VIII class presented a wonderful PowerPoint Presentation. The primary goal was to make the children aware about chronic diseases of U.K and India. Students highlighted the chronic diseases like cancer, lung disease, diabetes, heart diseases, AIDS etc. Set Up was to compare India and U.K’s advancement of technology in health sector.
A great research work and beautifully framed and designed presentation proved an eye opener for everyone.


As ‘Girl Safety’ is the burning issue now-adays in India ,RIS invited a renowned counselor Dr.Naynika Singh Matharoo for the counseling of the girls who are in their adolescence. The counselor counseled the girls how cyber crime is indirectly affecting and ruining the lives of the young girls. Being a non pariel counselor she became a good comrade of girls while talking about the burning issues like cyber crime, bad effects of peer pressure, she also touched the topics which made the girls feel safe and secure in this GENERATION OF TERROR with girls, she made her best for making all the girls understand that their goals and ambitious will take them to the heights of success and prosperity rather than being trapped in the terror of cyber crimes. She touched the hearts of all by asking the girls to stand in front of mirror and say ‘ I ACCEPT MYSELF THE WAY I AM ’. She motivated all the girls to become self- dependent and to become tenacious for their goals and ambitious. It was a great experience to have her in our school.


“Health is a crown that the healthy wear, but only the sick can see it”. In the series of ISA project, Silent Killer (Chronic Series),RIS conducted an Inter-House Debate for class IX students on chronic diseases . The participants were well prepared and explained their point of view very well.
The show was adjudged by Ms. Rose Saini and Ms.Kusum Lata. Jury was deeply engrossed in the session. The students participated enthusiastically and presented their views in favour and against the topic. It was a cut throat competition. Among the participants, Shakti House was declared winner and Shaurya and Gaurav House were declared the first runner up.



“You can’t enjoy wealth. If you’re not in good health”

With the motive to intensify awareness on the importance of nutrition for health, RIS organized a one week’s event entitled ‘Nutrition Week’ from 16th April 2018 to 21st April 2018 which pushed us towards fulfilling our appetite with nutritious food.

As ‘Fruit Break’ is a regular feature of RIS, just to pen down it, the students prepared a record in the form of ‘Fruit Chart’ to emphasize the importance and need of fruits for growing children.

The week ended with the theme of ‘sharing and caring’ where all the students had a community lunch, students brought healthy lunch and shared with other students and teachers. All the students participated enthusiastically and whole heartedly. It was a nice attempt to create repport between students and teachers.



Under ISA Project to boost spirituality, instill calm behavior, nurture team spirit and to stay healthy Rayat International School organized meditation and yoga session on Saturday 21st of April 2018,where the yoga instructor helped the students to learn various asanas and breathing exercises. Student participated with full zeal and learnt a lot.


As you know that our kindergarten tiny tots are celebrating “Nutritious Week.” On the fifth day they brought “Stuffed Parantha With Curd” in their tiffins.

“An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away”

As goes the saying same is the effect of fruits on our body i.e we remain healthy. This is because fruits are not only source of energy but they are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals . So, to keep each every child healthy , fruit break is given to the students. This helps in developing the taste for fruits and inculcating the habit of eating fruits.


“Healthy ,Wealthy & Wise,
Eat fruits in your daily life” as per theme our RIS tiny tots brought “Fruit Chaat” in their tiffins on the forth day of “Nutritious Week” celebration.They were excited to finish up their tiffins as soon as possible.