As ‘Girl Safety’ is the burning issue now-adays in India ,RIS invited a renowned counselor Dr.Naynika Singh Matharoo for the counseling of the girls who are in their adolescence. The counselor counseled the girls how cyber crime is indirectly affecting and ruining the lives of the young girls. Being a non pariel counselor she became a good comrade of girls while talking about the burning issues like cyber crime, bad effects of peer pressure, she also touched the topics which made the girls feel safe and secure in this GENERATION OF TERROR with girls, she made her best for making all the girls understand that their goals and ambitious will take them to the heights of success and prosperity rather than being trapped in the terror of cyber crimes. She touched the hearts of all by asking the girls to stand in front of mirror and say ‘ I ACCEPT MYSELF THE WAY I AM ’. She motivated all the girls to become self- dependent and to become tenacious for their goals and ambitious. It was a great experience to have her in our school.

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