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As you know that our kindergarten tiny tots are celebrating “Nutritious Week.” On the fifth day they brought “Stuffed Parantha With Curd” in their tiffins.


“An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away”

As goes the saying same is the effect of fruits on our body i.e we remain healthy. This is because fruits are not only source of energy but they are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals . So, to keep each every child healthy , fruit break is given to the students. This helps in developing the taste for fruits and inculcating the habit of eating fruits.


“Healthy ,Wealthy & Wise,
Eat fruits in your daily life” as per theme our RIS tiny tots brought “Fruit Chaat” in their tiffins on the forth day of “Nutritious Week” celebration.They were excited to finish up their tiffins as soon as possible.


“Prevention is better than cure and big or small fire safety is for all”- keeping the safety of children in view, Rayat International School is favouring the project of “Fire Safety Week” as per directions of Punjab government. Under this project students are made aware about fire safety. This campaign started from 14 April 2018 hereby, the students are taking part in it with full zeal. They participated in poster making and slogan writing.
Today videos were shown to them related to
• Safety rules for kids.
• Common causes of fire.
• Super smart safety at home.
• Fire extinguisher training.
• Fire safety training.
• Motivational speeches were given by the teachers followed by an interactive session. In the end, the Principal Mrs. Subha Rathore appreciated the efforts and encouraged the students to implement these safety norms in their life.


“Gold medals aren’t’ made of gold. They are made of sweat, determination and a hard to find alloy called GUTS”.

The much awaited sports activities were held on 18th April 2018 at RIS. The enthusiastic participants and pleasant weather were the perfect boost for the students . Events were as follows:

•Class-I students had participated in 80-meter race.
•Class-II students had participated in Lemon –Spoon race.
•Class-III students had participated in Get-Ready to School.
•Class-IV students had participated in Three-legged Race.
•Class-V students had participated in 100-meter Race.
•Class-VI to VIII students had participated in Kho-Kho Match.
•Class-IX to XII students had participated in Football Match.

The day was marvelous full of energy and sportsmanship. Students realized the importance of hard work and team work. The main aim of these events was to develop the traits of sportsmanship, leadership and healthy competition.
In Junior sports, excitement was at its heights where participations were eagerly waiting for their turns and the spectators were encouraging them by giving huge cheers.
In KHO –KHO Match, all the houses played well and audience was cheering their houses. Both boys and girls participated. There were two initial rounds(each).
In boys first round, Shaurya house and Gaurav House were the competitors and Shaurya House was the winner. Second round was between Shakti House and Yash House .Yash House was declared winner.
In girls, first round was between Shaurya House and Shakti House. They fought very enthusiastically against each other.But Shaurya House was declared winner. Second round was between Gaurav House and Yash House and Gaurav House was winner.
In football Match, two rounds were played. First round was between Gaurav House and Yash House in which Yash House was winner. Second round was between Shakti House and Shaurya House and Shaurya House was winner.
The day ended with our Principal Mrs. Subha Rathore congratulating the winners. She emphasized on the importance of sports in our life.


“Eat Healthy ,Stay Healthy”as per the theme on the third day of the nutritious week celebration our tiny tots brought “Fruit custard and Kheer ” in their tiffins. They enjoyed their yummy & nutritious food.


As you know that our kindergarten tiny tots are celebrating “Nutritious Week.” On the 2nd day they brought Veg.pulao in their tiffins.