Closing of Math week at RIS

Closing of Math week at RIS
Math week is fantastic opportunity for children to engage in Maths activities, which they may not normally get a chance to experience in a normal lesson.
Over the course of the week, the whole school participated in different Maths activities to challenge their thinking and develop their Maths problem solving skills.
These activities included the following:-
1. Class I Identification of 2D & 3D shapes.
2. Class II Measuring height & Weight.
3. Class III Measuring of length.
4. Class IV Measurement of weight.
5. Class V Measurement of capacity
6. Class VI Area & Perimeter of irregular figure.
7. Class VII Sudoku
8. Class VIII Number of diagonals of a polygon.
9. Class IX Circles & its properties
10. Class X Riddles
The students of class X exhibited a wonderful skit with an aim to remove Maths phobia & responsible factors for the same.
On the concluding day an Inter House Maths Quiz was organized. The quiz was divided into 5 rounds. Students were very excited to answer .Shaurya House emerged as the winner of the competition.
Principal Subha Rathore appreciated the participation & motivated the students to take part in these type of activities in future also.


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