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Awareness Programme for Adolescent Girls at RIS…

Girl’s education is like sowing the seed to raise the green plants of a charming full grown family which bears fruit.
Today on 19th Dec,2018 health awareness program for the girls students was organised by Rotary Club Ropar in the school at MPR Hall.A renowned gynaecologist Dr.Ravinder kaur Pannu gave a talk to all the girls regarding their personal health & hygiene.
It was a very useful seminar.



An Interactive two days Career counselling Session held at RIS

“The best way t predict the future is to create it.”
                                                     —–Abraham Lincoln —–
With an objective to provide proper guidance, a two days Career Counselling session was organised on 17th & 18th by school counsellor Mrs.Nainik for the students of class X.
The school has always taken initiative in encouraging its students to take up a career of their choice. It was started with a motivational talk with students & an open discussion on various Career options available in future.
A short career assessment test was conducted on students and on the results, students were guided. The session was highly informative for the students of class X since they were not only introduced to career counselling but the session also led them to understand what their talents were.


Winners of Slogan 7 Painting Competition Awarded at RIS

“Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour”.
Under the guidance of Rotary Club,a district level Slogan & Painting Competition was organized at RIS on 14th Dec 2018.Many schools of the region participated & RIS set a benchmark in the same.
The students from 5th to 8th had topic ”Grandparents, Parents & me” and 9th to 11th had topic ‘Happiness’. Following is the result:-
V-VIII Class
i)Kananpreet Kaur VII C
ii)Barinderpreet kaur VII C
IX-XI Class
i)Simran Saini X B
ii)Palak Jain X D
The above mentioned winners were awarded by Rotary Club on 17th Dec 2018.Principal Mrs.Subha Rathore Congratulated the winners & motivated the students to come ahead & grab the opportunities.


Drug de-addiction Awareness Seminar at RIS

“It’s not that some people have willpower &some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change &others are not”.
The Interact Club Members of RIS organized a seminar on 17th December


2018 to spread awareness about Drug de-addiction among present youth.Dr.J.K Bhatia,President Rotary Club, Dr.Suman Tyaggi, Youth Club Director & Dr.Usha Bhatia, Rotarian were the guests of the seminar.
They enlightened the students that for drug abuse ,it should be an absolute’ No’ for all because it can destroy health, future & take away lives.
Some of the interactors of the interact club delivered speeches & threw light on the condition of drug-addiction in Indian & its hazardous consequences.
Principal Mrs.Subha Rathore thanked guests for an eye opening session.

Math Week Began at RIS

“The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics.”
In order to make the birth anniversary of great Mathematician Sriniwas Ramanujan .i.e 22nd Dec.RIS started Maths week from 17th Dec to 22nd Dec 2018. It aims to create interest of the students towards the subject.
The first day of the Math week was devoted to Class I and Class VI.Class I learnt 2D & 3D shapes in very well organized play way method.At the same time Class VI learned how Area of many irregular figures can be calculated through graph.
The Principal Mrs.Subha Rathore appreciated the efforts of the participation & encouraged them to take part in all sort of activities conducted in days to come.


Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan at RIS


“The difference between ordinary & extra ordinary is that little Extra”.
The students of RIS enthusiastically participated in an online test Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan on 28th October 2018.The test was on the basis of Maths,Science,G.K & history of Scientists.
Three students have brought laurels to the school by getting selected for state level Camp. The students are:-
i) Komal Mane XI A
ii) Krishika Mehta VI C
iii) Mehtab Singh VI E
The Principal Mrs.Subha Rathore congratulated the winners and motivated the students to have knowledge beyond four walls.

Colour day celebration in kindergarten at RIS


“Colours are the smile of nature and beauty of life”
To clear the concept of colours among children, today we celebrated ” Darky Black “.Show and tell was organised in which kids have shown different objects related to ” Black colour”.