“Health Nutritious Week” UNDER THE ISA PROJECT

Under ISA project-(Eat the best leave the rest)
“Good Health and Good Sense are two of life s greatest blessings”
To make the tiny tots health conscious the RIS kindergarten section is celebrating “Health Nutritious Week”from 16th April to 20th April.The tiny toddlers were given a special menu of nutritious food.On the very first day they brought Veg.sandwiches in their tiffins.They shared and enjoyed a lot.



Under ISA Project to boost morale, instill confidence and nurture team spirit and to stay healthy Rayat International School organized a P.T Drill Display on Saturday i.e. 7th April 2018.The mass drill, with uniformed children, presented many exercises for about half-an-hour , was a wonderful show. The uniqueness of the event was the involvement of students in organizing the show from the beginning on their own.

Session’s First Junior Assembly

The morning sets the day and the assembly paves the way for our students to rejuvenate their spirits, remain rooted to the moral values and unleash their vitality.
Session’s first Junior Assembly was conducted on 10th April 2018.Many students were given the opportunity and the platform to display their talent and shun their stage fear. The prizes of Science Olympiad 2017 were also given to the winners in the assembly.
Ms.Ravinder , the Junior co-ordinator of the school, instructed the students to adhere to the rules and regulations of the school and rejuvenate their energy for the new session 2018-19.


In the beginning of new session 2018-19, to enhance the confidence and speaking skills of the students ,Rayat International School organized an English story Telling Competition on April 7,2018 for the students of classes IV and V. Many students participated house wise in the competition.
The students narrated the moral based stories. These young story tellers used a variety of props to make their stories interesting and expressive. Each story concluded with moral highlighting different values of life. Enthusiasm and passion of the students were also witnessed by the teachers and judged. Principal Ms.Subha Rathore congratulated the winners and appreciated their efforts. The final decision of the competition is as follows:
Sohandas of Gaurav House stood FIRST; Angel Dhawan of Yash House Stood SECOND and Gurleen Mann of Shakti House stood THIRD .

Vishal Dhumal of Yash House stood FIRST,
Manya and Harshubreet of Gaurav House stood SECOND and THIRD respectively.




R.I.S welcomed the students of grade 1.The day was full of activity. The students enjoyed a lot in different activities like colouring , playing, singing and watching movies.The day was full of fun and frolic for the students as well as for the teachers also.


“School bells are ringing loud and clear; let us look forward for bright year ahead’

The start of one new session is always a time filled with excitement. It was a warm atmosphere in the school today as the day was filled with mixed emotions both for teachers and children.

The day picked off with positivity and cheer. Teachers were making students comfortable and cozy in their new classrooms.

The ‘welcome assembly’ was held for students. It all seemed serene as the students and teachers together prayed to god for a successful year 2018-2019 ahead. The new students and teachers were welcomed by Principal Mrs. Subha Rathore. The ‘Saraswati Vandana’ for the beginning of the new session.

The new session started with ‘Hawan’ on 4th April 2018. Principal showered her blessings on the students instructed them to follow the path of truth, reality, humanity and kindness with love.