Happy Children’s Day


Poem Recitation-“SPARROW”

Under the project “Climatic Action” poem recitation competition was held on 3.11.17 at Rayat International School. The topic was “SPARROW”. First grade students actively participated in the poem recitation. Through their poems these innocent students made the audience aware of the reasons why this lovely bird is on the urge of getting extinct. So it is our moral duty to save the sparrows and give them a healthy and natural habitat. Students of Class Ist recited different poems on the topic “SPARROW”. Principal Mrs. Subha Rathore appreciated the students who participated actively and encouraged them to take part in such activities in future also.


Under The Project Climatic Action – A debate was conducted in Rayat International School on 2 Nov on the topic “sparrows are disappearing in India” due to natural disasters or human interference .The students gave their views on the role of natural disasters in the disappearance of sparrows and also stressed on interference of human being as the main cause of disappearance of sparrows. Both teams debated quite well and made the audience aware about how we can help these cute, little blessings of nature survive happily on the earth.

How To Excel In Your Exams – Simple Memory Increasing Tips




1. Take good sleep

Constantly take 7-8 hours of sleep every day. This will make your Memory Power Increase. Your brain will actively work with proper sleep and you will be able to remember things easily because when we do sleep properly it makes the memory sharp. Take a nap of 10-15 mins at the time of work, it gets a brain Charge.

2. Energize Your Brain

Just as Body needs the energy to work, Brain also needs the energy to make Memory Sharp. Your Brain 50 to 60 Percent Weight is enough. Fat is very helpful in increasing the memory power. So by eating such things that have a lot of Mixed Fat, you can remember things until a long time. Eat more than green leafy vegetables.

3. Play Crossword Puzzles, Cards

Studies have shown that by keeping these two things regular, your brain remains more active. So, take the Daily Newspaper and Solve His Crossword Puzzles, Quizzes, and play Card Games.

4. Teach others

Loudly we can remember what we want to remember, we also miss it. In the same way, Research has shown that when we read something to others, then it becomes memorized in our brain and with good. This means you can make yourself a memory sharp by reading to others.

5. Visualize Things

Many times we can not remember the things we read, we miss them. Means Photographs, Charts Etc. Which is in your textbook. If you do not remember anything, you can remember that thing by making an image of it in the mind itself. You can also create Charts Or Figures by yourself.


6. Remove Stressors

Anything that causes you to stress that is Tension or anger comes, Avoid such things. With too much stress, you may have a depression problem. Depression Gets Your Memorizing Power Weak You cannot concentrate on anything. Consult professional’s (Doctors) to avoid this.


Rayatians Celebrated Lantern Festival- Hoi An with full vigor by making beautiful lamps, lanterns and greetings. They decorated their classes with same and sent the greetings of Hoi An to their partner country Vietnam.

Cultural Mosaic- An Array Of Global Culture

Under ISA Projects RIS started it’s collaborative project-“Cultural Mosaic” on 1st November 2017. As present time witnesses a lot of changes globally, especially on the education front. Through this project students are now exposed to numerous challenges and innovations.
The project is in collaboration with- Vietnam, Argentina, Hungary, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh and among various Indian states.
The project first started with a skype session with the students of Argentina and RIS cultural exchange was the centre of attraction where students shared information about famous sports, tourist places, attires and cuisines of both the countries. Rayatians were dressed up in Punjabi dress like ‘Phulkari’ and ‘Sherwani’. A mesmerizing Punjabi song was sung by them. Indian famous monuments were also told like “Golden temple” and “Taj Mahal”. It was such a great and enjoyable learning that they forgot difference of both the countries.
The second activity was held on 2nd November 2017, where the rayatians were acquainted with ‘Vietnam’ culture, attires, flag, festivals, and dances through a documentary movie. “Fan dance” of ‘Vietnam’ was also shown. To mark the “Hoi-An festival” on 4thNovember, 2017, rayatians made beautiful and attractive lanterns and wrote greetings and wished them for the festival.
Collaboration and international globalization is a platform to grow globally and take Rayat International School to higher levels.


Rayat International School organized a special Assembly on 31st October .It was “THE NATIONAL UNITY DAY” which was introduced by government of India to pay Tribute to Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel who is also known as ‘The Iron Man of India’. The students and teachers of RIS took a Pledge for the Unity and Integrity of our country. Our school Principal Mrs.Subha Rathore motivated the students on this special occasion to preserve unity of our country.