“Working in a group for a project

Leads to a greater learning gains”.

Students of class IX were asked to work on, “Online Research and File Making” under ISA. Project, “Medley of Numbers”. In this project students collected their ideas about Indian Chinese games based on Mathematical theories, concept and principles. Students were provided opportunities to take control of activity and evaluate their own learning through this research. They selected Indian and Chinese games for this study and project.

The Indian games they chosen were: – LUDO, MARRIAGE, SANAKES AND LADDER, DAYAKATTI, INDIAN POKER etc. The Chinese games chosen were:- SUDOKU, PRIMO,TANGRAM,GO, RUMMY etc. In this activity they learnt the strategies for practicing and applying them in mathematical concepts. This added fun and motivated the students to engage themselves willingly with their educational project. The way in which students have shown their activeness and enthusiasm while participating in this activity, proved that games in learning Mathematics is considered a best practice and it makes Mathematics more interesting and meaningful. Mrs. Subha Rathore Principal of RIS appreciated the good work of the students and teachers.




Medley Of Numbers

Activity:- “Role play of Chinese and Indian Mathematicians.
“Learning by doing is the best way for grasping abstract content”.
Rayat International School believes in creating realistic situation to provide practical knowledge of mathematics to the students so that they can explore various applications of its theories or ideas to practice education and its policy in their real life. To make this concept clear a role play activity was organized under ISA project “Medley Of Numbers” to experience the taste of learning about Indian and Chinese Mathematicians in a meaningful and purposeful way.
Students played the roles of different mathematicians associated with India and China. Anmolpreet Singh of class VII B played role of “Lui Hui”, Utkarsh Behal of class VI C performed as “Yang Hui” the famous mathematician of China. The role of Indian Mathematician Srinivas Ramanjan was played by Manas of class VII A. The human calculator Shankutla Devi was introduce to students by Naina Chaudary of class VI A. In this way students not only played the roles of renowned mathematician but also gave knowledge and shared information about their invention, achievement and contribution to the field of mathematics. All the students enjoyed and gained knowledge from the activity.At the end winners were announced. Anmolpreet Singh of class VII B bagged 1st Position. Madhav Sharma who performed as Aryabhatta came 2nd and third position was bagged by Utkarsh Behal of class VI C. Mrs. Subha Rathore , Principal of RIS congratulated the winners and appreciated hard work and performance of students. She also congratulated and motivated them to take interest in mathematics as their favourite subject.


“Imagination Is The Highest Kite One Can Fly”.
Rayat International School, Railmajra organized Kite Flying Competition on 20th January 2018 on the occasion of Vasant Panchmi in the school campus where students of all four houses were seen flying beautiful kites made by them with colored papers. Principal Mrs. Subha Rathore related the flying of kites with teacher’s role in students ‘life and their achievements and apprised them of the importance of Vasant Panchmi. She conveyed her greetings to the students on this auspicious occasion and made the students aware about safety measures to be taken while flying kites at home.

Sumit of IX D (Gourav House) bagged the first position .Avneet of IX D (Shakti House) and Navjot Singh of VI B (Yash House) ranked as second and third respectively in this Kite Flying Competition.


On 16th January 2018, Annual Computer Carnival was held at Stepping Stones Sr.Sec. School, Sec 37 D, Chandigarh. Our students participated in different competitions like MS- Paint Competition, MS- PowerPoint Competition, Blog Creation Competition. This interactive session has facilitated in deeper understanding of concepts and made learning an interesting process. They utilized Information Technology at various levels which enhanced the conceptual knowledge of computers among them.
The students participated in various competitions are:

Ms-Paint Competition
1) Arsnoor Singh (IV- E)
2) Gurnoor Singh (IV-E)

Ms-PowerPoint Competition
1)Dalisha Bhatia (VIII-E)
2)Ved Shubhamoy Samadhya (VIII-E)

Blog Creation Competition
1) Harjashan Singh (IX-E)
2)Taranpreet Singh (IX-E)

All the students were awarded participation certificates.


Activity- Aloha workshop followed by Brain Teaser competition.
“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithm’s it is about understanding”.
Under I.S.A project students from class VI to IX participated in “Medley of Numbers”. This workshop was based on Aloha Maths conducted by RIS on 16 Jan 2018. The objective of the workshop was to acquaint students with the use of abacus and short cuts to solve various arithmetic equations. Mrs. Anita Saini was the resource person and she gave wonderful information based on abacus and tricky methods to solve mathematical problems. A brain teaser competition was also organized in which students were made to solve various puzzles and riddles. All the students enjoyed as well as gathered knowledge.

Principal Mrs.Subha Rathore encouraged the students to use tricky methods and learn more about Aloha Maths.