Our long cherished vision is to unclog all the bars in the form of regional, ritual and mythical restrictions to soar across the horizon and touch the zenith of glory with perseverance. We have to refresh our mind, time over and again, with “There is not substitute for hard work”. We are bent on to make the concern emerge a heavenly abode where learning is not merely earning for burning, but realization of ULTIMATE TRUTH
Their true vision and Endeavour are to afford value based education to one and all, from higher to the lowest, especially the downtrodden and to produce outstanding citizens of talent and practice and humane in the real sense. The students, here, at their all concerns, put forth outstanding achievements in learning, discovering and citizenship in a creative community building.
Since it is a unique educational concern in the entire area, its mission is to recognize the unique learning and motivational needs of the students. It aims at to guide and goad all the students to become learner through out their life span and produce THE CITIZENS PRODUCTIVE in a global society through programmes of educational excellence exploiting technology and activities involving all, the students, the parents and the community.

The school is abreast of the world and leading the area in every respect. Instead of EVS in classes’ I-III, We have introduced THEMATIC PROJECT where the children are exposed to a number of activities relative to particular project. ‘’IMAGINATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGE’’
Apart from the tradition, the main objective the education, searched and analysed by THE EDUCATORS is to recon ‘’ THE CHILD within the CHILD.’’ He/ she has to be shaped and sharpened with life skill and well-being to cope up with today’s needs. Mere knowledge wouldn’t do. Imagination and practice have to join hands.
We, as a part of educators’ team, would with the guidance and goading of RAYAT INNOVATION CELL have initiated THEMATIC PROJECT connected with EVS , G.K. music , A/C moral values and research in lib and exploring areas relative to those topics through visits.

The mounted up strain at the peak of every period is relieved by motivated songs after every period instead of bell system. The students learn moral values and are recharged for the next consecutive periods. Bits of spiritual songs like ‘Itni shakti hame dena data….’ are played and the students enjoy and join singing.

‘’Man must aspire for something higher or what is heaven for”? says Robert Brown . To raise the students above average level ,they have been provided with MEDITATIONAL THERAPY. The whole school is lost in real meditation right from the time meditation begins. Students feel their souls light and entuned to God, having His BLESSINGS.

Besides meditation, there is a flood of activities that the students have to undergo. There are FRIDAY and SATURDAY CLUBS imbibing life skills in students. They enjoy playing roles in dramas, playing game, brainstorming, taste knew and practical in Science and environment clubs etc.

The impact is made by carrying out some projects like:
(a) Project display.
(b) Project photographs (roleplay, skit etc)
(c) Booklets
(d) Visit and photographs (market, post office, bank, hospital, farms etc).
(e) Environment Rallies street plays.
(f) Mock –Drill.
(g) Interview sessions.
The students not only enjoy themselves awaring & familiarizing with the concrete concepts but also awaring people around them and pinpointing the people whom they find indulging in wrong activities which are very clear to us through the conversation we have with the parents.

 The school has a “Counselling Cell”with well qualified counselor.Peer Educators also educate their counter parts
 Plans to Set up “Maths Park” of its own kind in the area which involves students.
 Plans to completely hand over the reign of the school to the students who have the chance/ opportunity of decision –making on all the major issues related to the school. Create “School being run by the students themselves.

The school has got its own design and plan to aware its students, parents and people of good and bad, facts and ideologies like that of AIDS and ideas of Mahama Gandhiji, stress on BAN ON PLASTIC BAGS BY :
1. Selling self-made paper and cloth –bags with slogans by the students.
2. Managing mock-drill, fire, accidents, insect-bite etc.
3. Through Rally (well designed and organized), both in the city and the hamlets in the surrounding area pin-pointing AIDS and its fatal after affects and the Gandhian philosophy and its sweet individual, social and ethical constructive after-effects on the individual , environment and the society and the mankind as a whole.
4. The students, the principal and the staff design and coin street play to be played to create constructive awareness among masses about ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, GIRL-CHILD STATUS AND RIGHT, DRUGS AND ANTI-TOBACCO etc. We can safely and soundly reveal that RIS has exercised its magic-hand touch to influence the local masses here. Heroically, it has sensitized them for many social and environment issues by organizing rallies constructively in the area from time to time as conditions and environment demand. There has been TREE-PLANTING, CYCLE RALLIES for environment and antipollution.

The school has earned a name and fame on national level too. The students hailing from this school have had their national impact through.
1. Students Exchange Programmes.
2. Children Youth Festival, Adolofest Fair (Delhi). They exchange their ideas and problem faced during adolescent period. They actively raised questions on the national front in CBSE Life Skill Summit held at Delhi. Our movie maker Team has been eminent participant at INTERNATIONAL YOUNG FILM MAKERS FESTIVAL 2012 in Delhi by presenting their short movie on ‘Understanding And Coping With STRESS AND ANXIETY’.

History and practice bear witness that nations either flourish or perish under the canopy of their leaders who make or mar the people. Optimistically and constructively thinking apropos to this context, the leader here, at RIS, play very vital role in the right direction for the growth of our organization. As a leader I play a pivotal role in binding parents/management, students and faculty together: One has to play the role of a motivator, torch–bearer , visionary and alive to the interest of all the components of her team working for ideal and collective goals for the organization and mankind.
The staff here is 100% currently and actively developing their own leadership skills as there is an array of responsible posts available at the school.
Everyone, here, has been entrusted with the duty and responsibility of an In-charge/leader at different designations such as:-
(a) Club coordinators (There are 30 Clubs)
(b) Class facilitator.
(c) Subject coordinators.
(d) Discipline coordinators
(e) Spoken English coordinators.
(f) remedial coordinators.
(g) Canteen coordinator
(h) Examination coordinators
(i) Co-curricular coordinators.
(j) House Advisors.
(k) Staff Secretaries.
(i) HODs as
(ii) Mrs. Vijay Sohal
(iii) Mrs. Taljeet Kaur
(iv) Mrs. Bhupinder Kaur
(v) Mrs. Balwinder Kaur
(vi) Mrs. Poonam Sharma
Besides this web, teachers are also refreshed and recharged by sending them to attend special seminars/orientation programmes at various and distant places. The school has also become an easy resort for C.B.S.E officials and their special programmes and tours which they much love to relish.
The teachers , when put on some special duty/ duties anywhere, emerge victors and victresses by their performance.
The students here play crucial roles as the perform:-
(a) Class Monitors.
(b) Electricity Monitor
(c) Discipline monitor
(d) ECO
(e) Note Book collection & distribution.
(f) Spoken English Monitor
(g) Secretary
(h) Vice Secretary (of different clubs)
(i) Cashier.
(j) Students become pillars of democracy as they elect ‘Students Councel’ and get different offices and shoulder their duties for good administration, growth and grace of the institution.
(k) Weak students are groomed time over and again to enable them to pace up with the class and time.

Since it is in the lap of nature ,and rural area ,RAYAT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL caters to a heterogeneous diversified group of people. It is our earnest duty to make students and parents innovative, break the local myths and radiate logical and scientific knowledge for them to look beyond the horizon.

They are trained democratic system of electing their council and nominate advisory.
There are elected:
(a) Head boy /Head girl, Advisory Head.
(b) Asst. Head Boy/Head Girl.
The teachers, further, polish , brighten, and polish these elected eminences into GROUP LEADERS and groom for future leaders of the state and the country; Gandhi’s, Nehru’s, Abraham Lincolns, Roosevelt, Obama’s etc spring from them and endeavour their best to make this world a place worth living Group leaders carry out activities /projects under CCE
A week-long students oriented workshop of RIS VIBE Xplore is also organized.

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