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“Limit your need minimize your greed sow a seed let the earth breath”
Tree Plantation drive was held at RIS on August 23, 2017 under the I.S.A. Project “VANISHING WORLD” The students of class V enthusiastically participated in the drive. Children planted saplings in school premises. The school gardener guided the students in planting saplings carefully and instructed them to take care of them.
Important motive of this drive was to raise consciousness towards the importance of bio diversity for our well-being.
Principal Mrs.Subha Rathore also took part in the event and planted saplings. Tree plantation drive made the children understand and the main motive of plantation.

RIS Initiative For Conservation Of Extinct And Endangered Species

“Life is a beautiful collage of priceless moments which when pieced all together creates a unique treasured masterpiece”.
On the 17th of August 2017, a Collage Making Competition was organized for classes V and VI at RIS under I.S.A. Project ‘Vanishing World’ of India and Malaysia.
The aim of the project was to enable students to explore international flora and fauna. Under this activity the students carried out research to gather information regarding various species of flora and fauna of Malaysia. They got knowledge about their extinct and endangered species. About 55 students participated in the activity. The students particiapted enthusiastically showcasing their creativity using various pictures and colours. They were judged on the basis of their presentations. All the entries were worth praising and won everyone’s heart. This activity proved to be beneficial to our students as they became familiar with various extinct and endangered flora and fauna of India as well as Malaysia.
Principal Mrs. Subha Rahore appreciated the efforts and emphasized that these type of activities are helpful for children to explore their inherent talents”.


Environment is an essential part of life. It includes flora and fauna also. Different countries have different kind of flora and fauna. Rayat International School, Railmajra in collaboration with British Council organized an activity as project that was “Vanishing World” for International School Award (I.S.A) on August 11, 2017. The aim of the project was to enable students to know about the flora and fauna of countries such as India and Malaysia.
Under this project, students carried out research to gather information about the flora and fauna of these countries. Students knew about the native plants and animals of these countries and coloured the pictures provided to them by the teachers. Students from Class I and II participated in the activity with lots of enthusiasm to showcase their creativity.


A grand fancy dress competition was held in” Rayat International School on August 9, 2017.Under the I.S.A. project.” It is always a pleasure to watch the toddlers dressed up as different characters. The students of class III and IV participated and depicted the flora and fauna of India and Malasiya.
The students displayed their vibrant costumes .The theme of the competition was” THE VANISHING WORLD” .The few character to list out are : National Flower of India i.e. Lotus ,National animal Tiger, National bird Peacock, National flower of Malaysia Hibiscus and so on.
The event was judged by Ms.Neeru Sharma and Ms.Neha Gupta.
At the end, principal Mrs. SUBHA RATHORE congratulated the students for their great performances. she also said that these type of competitions proved to be a great learning experience for the students and give them a platform to explore their hidden talents.


The students of Rayat International School performed a skit under I.S.A. project on Aug 8, 2017. The theme of the skit was ‘The Vanishing World’.
Through the skit the students conveyed the message to save animals and birds which are endangered and about to become extinct. The students performed on the stage confidently with appropriate props. The collaborative efforts and handwork of the teachers and students was evident as the students performed brilliantly on the stage.
Principal Mrs. Subha Rathore appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers and congratulated them for their excellent performance. She also motivated the students to contribute in saving extinct and endangered species of animals and birds. We should not kill or use them for our own needs and benefits.